[ANNOUNCE] Apache Drill 1.11.0 Released
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Abhishek Girish
2017-07-31 16:24:35 UTC
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Congratulations everyone!

On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 5:16 AM, Arina Yelchiyeva <
On behalf of the Apache Drill community, I am happy to announce the release
of Apache Drill 1.11.0.
For information about Apache Drill, and to get involved, visit the project
website [1].
This release of Drill provides the following new features and improvements
Cryptography-related functions. (DRILL-5634)
Spill to disk for the hash aggregate operator. (DRILL-5457)
Format plugin support for PCAP files. (DRILL-5432)
Ability to change the HDFS block Size for Parquet files. (DRILL-5379)
Ability to store query profiles in memory. (DRILL-5481)
Configurable CTAS directory and file permissions option. (DRILL-5391)
Support for network encryption. (DRILL-4335)
Relative paths stored in the metadata file. (DRILL-3867)
Support for ANSI_QUOTES. (DRILL-3510)
The binary and source artifacts are available here [3].
Thanks to everyone in the community who contributed to this release!
1. https://drill.apache.org/
2. https://drill.apache.org/docs/apache-drill-1-11-0-release-notes/
3. https://drill.apache.org/download/
Kind regards